Summer COVID-19 Safety

We miss seeing you in person, and hope that your family is healthy and well! As we prepare for the 2021 summer theater camp season, we look forward to returning to a safe in-person camp environment, and creating amazing theatrical growth and performance fun for our community of talented young artists. As you plan your summer activities and camps,  please be assured that at Allegra, absolutely nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our family of students, and staff members. 

We are hopeful that with the release of  Covid-19 vaccines, along with state safety recommendations , and our own additional measures designed for safe student theater productions, we will be able to safely return to in-person camp this summer.

Based on current state and county health screening recommendations, the following are the measures we will take to safely return to Allegra. When these county recommendations are updated, we will revise our related policies and procedures. Again, our goal is to do everything in our power to keep our entire community safe and healthy.

Staff Screening and Testing

All staff will be given their own pulse oximeter and will be required to check their oxygen levels daily in addition to daily temperature checks. Additionally, all staff will be required to complete a daily COVID-19 survey design to identify potential at-risk individuals.

Student Testing and Screening

Screening and testing have proven to be essential tools in the prevention of COVID-19. If your child, other member of the household, or someone you have been in contact with, is showing COVID symptoms such as dry cough, fever, headache, extreme fatigue, or  low oxygen levels: we will require that  you consult with your doctor and consider a rapid COVID test prior to returning to camp.

  • Each day prior to arrival, we ask all camp parents to take quick daily health checks of their children. If there are any concerns, do not come in. Please consult your child’s healthcare provider and consider a COVID  test.

  • We will have an outdoor health-screening area where we will complete temperature check, and oxygen pulse oximeter readings.  If any camper has a 100°F plus fever or oxygen level below 90% upon arrival, we are so sorry, but they will not be allowed into the camp until cleared by a doctor, and we will discuss other options to participate.

  • As much as feasible, please excuse your child from other group gatherings indoors during their two-week camp enrollment period.

Masks, Distance and Hand Washing: Our Best Defense

  • All staff and campers will be required to wear masks throughout the camp.  No one will be allowed to enter camp without a mask. We are purchasing special masks that campers will wear while singing. Additionally, single-use masks will be made available for purchase if a camper loses or forgets one.

  • Campers and staff will be reminded and asked to wash and sanitize their hands regularly every day, for every meal and before and after activities. Whenever possible, meals will be taken outside. There will be hand sanitizing stations available throughout our designated activity areas.

  • Where possible we will have campers and staff maintain physical distance even while wearing masks. These simple health and safety protocols have been proven effective at reducing the risk of transmission. They are easy to implement and follow if we are all willing to care for one another.

Keeping Campers Safe During Their Session

  • Indoor rehearsals will be limited to our largest spaces (Allegra Room, Annex, Cleared Lobby) with class sizes kept at 10 campers or less. We will be renting additional large single use space to help limit class sizes.

  • Activities requiring the large groups will be conducted outside (weather and situation permitting).

  • We will monitor campers 3 times per day with pulse oximeter as  recommended by pulmonologists as the best self test that can accurately show early onset of COVID-19 Symptoms in asymptomatic people.

  • If we discover any potential health risks, we have designated isolation rooms ready for campers and staff.  We will contact parents immediately.

Additional Measures Allegra Will Take to Keep Our Families and Staff Safe

In addition to all other the safety precautions previously mentioned, Allegra is doing the following:


  • Allegra has installed portable air purifying units with HEPA filters in each lesson room. All filters have a suggested DADR (Clean Air Delivery Rating) of 240.

  • We will continue our rigorous cleaning schedule to ensure all shared spaces and hard surfaces are regularly wiped down and disinfected throughout the day.

  • Antibacterial wipes/gels will be made available in all classrooms including a station in the waiting room.

We are looking forward to an amazing 2021 summer theater camp season filled with the magic and delight of creating live theater by bringing the creative and collaborative talents of young performers together. We simply cannot wait to see you and our talented theater education staff again in person!