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Summer Theater Camps

Allegra is an Exceptional Ensemble Experience, Offering Award-Winning Musical Theater Camps Since 1999!

What makes the Allegra Summer theater camp experience exceptional is the inclusion and care that we have consistently demonstrated for each and every camper. Whether your camper is new to Allegra or has participated over the years, each Allegra camper understands that their unique talents, abilities, personal characteristics, and differences are not only welcomed, but celebrated and key to the makeup of our exceptional ensembles and production teams. 

Our camps build confidence, collaboration skills, and most importantly great friendships and memories. Each session offers the opportunity for our young performers to work with kind, caring and distinguished performance artists and experienced educators to build a complete show from the ground up in a fun summer camp setting!


Campers are given daily acting games and exercises to explore the world of acting, working on facial and body expressions and communication with other actors.  We study acting techniques in-depth, explore monologues, dialogues, and partner scenes. Actors learn how to properly analyze and “become” the characters you have been given in the show through individual character sessions with an acting coach, partner sessions “in character," and various other exercises.



Campers gain a basic knowledge of voice techniques. Daily exercises and warm-ups, led by a professional accompanist, will be held in strengthening the muscles used in singing. Campers will learn correct rhythms particular to the songs they are performing and learn how to “dissect” a song, and will have individual voice lessons with a private instructor. Focus will be on proper phrasing in their pieces, and learning basic classical vocal controls and optimizations.


Campers work with a professional choreographer for dance and group scenes. They are lead through various movement exercises that help campers unlock healthy, expressive movement. The focus is on creating strong movements particular to theater dancing.

Experience Central New Jersey's Best Summer Musical Theater Experience!


The Allegra Summer Theater Camps lead by executive artistic director, Donnetta Johnson, will present four engaging musical theater camps this summer. Click below to purchase tickets, and to advertise in our show programs!

The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. For more information about our health and safety protocols, click here.


Summer 2023 Programs

This year's programs
Aladdin Jr.

2 weeks |  June  26 - July 7

Grades 3 – 9


2 weeks |  July  10 - July 21

Grades 3 – 9


3 weeks | July 24 - August 12

Grades 8 – 12


2 weeks |  August  14-25
Grades 6 – 12


Dream Big

Allegra Summer Theater

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