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Allegra's new dance class provides a safe, judgment-free, fun, and friendly dance experience designed to boost confidence and dancing ability for ages 10 - 18 years.


Allegra introduces Miss Amy Schroeder from our summer musical theater team for a new dance offering this September!


This class is targeted to the performer who wants a non-dance studio environment to learn theater movement and dance with friends. Together we will learn musical theater dance techniques and routines from our favorite Broadway musicals from the golden age to HAMILTON.


Does this sound like YOU? Dance can help!

  • Are you easily distractible? Dance teaches you to be in the moment. The more mentally focused and alert you are, the easier it’ll be for you to create great work.

  • Do you feel awkward, or uncoordinated when you move? Do you want to be more physically confident and expressive during performances on stage and screen? Dance class will loosen you up mentally and physically and you will feel greater confidence about storytelling through physical movement. 

  • Do you feel winded, constricted, or tired when you have to sing and dance? A strong, flexible, tension-free body gives you physical confidence. 


Dance for Actors

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